Wolverine Style Workout w/ Kettlebell Combos, Jump Rope, & Bodyweight


In honor of the release of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine, here are two different workouts that will help you get lean and jacked like “Wolverine” star, Hugh Jackman. Hugh got lean and ripped for the movie by incorporating workouts centered around lifting heavy weights, and using compound exercises. The following workout, does just that.

Whether you want to be lean and mean like your favorite super hero, heroine, villain, or vixen, this workout is definitely for you.

One supersets w/ 2 kettlebells and a jump rope, while the other utilizes bodyweight only and a jump rope.

1a) DBL kettlebell swing+clean & jerk+overhead twist x 5

1b) Jump Rope x 100 For 5 rounds or

2a) Burpee + push up w/ knee tuck & tuck jump x 10

2b) Jump Rope x 100 as many rounds as possible for 10 min.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Also, if you if you had a chance to see “Wolverine,” what did you think of the movie? Share your comments below.

  • WooT – Thanks guy – Kicking some Kettlebell training in this upcoming week – can you keep the examples like this one coming?

  • Sincere

    No worries, Terry. I have lots of video blog posts coming. If there are any particular exercises that you’s like for me to cover, or any fitness topics or questions you’d like for me to answer, please send them my way. Thanks for supporting New Warrior Training.

  • Janke

    Hey Sincere, great vid! Just a thought on the combo you were talking about…were thinking, how about a KB snatch into windmill into get-up combo? If you can do the get-up without using your hands to support you, think that it will REALLY get your abs fired up.

  • Sincere

    That sounds killer. Are you saying to not use your hands on the descend of the get up or the ascend, in a get up-sit up combo?

  • question for author:
    what is your best result? jerk and snatch..

  • Sincere

    Hello Valentin. Are you referring, in terms of a 10 minute set?