WOD: X-Men Origins: Gambit Style Bodyweight Workout Mes Amis


Ok, in wrapping up my series of X-Men Origin inspired workouts, which began with Wolverine and Sabertooth, I am wrapping things up with one of my favorite mutants of all time. With such a heavy creole influence here in Houston, thanks to our Louisiana neighbors next door, how could I not have love for the Cajun mutant that is, Gambit.

Gambit’s, (aka Remy LeBeau), primary ability is the manipulation of potential or kinetic energy. This is manifested both internally and externally, energy charges his body giving him greater strength, stamina, and agility than any non-powered human, as well as being able to charge matter resulting in the violent and powerful explosion of said matter through touch. The objects that he charges explode with a force somewhat proportional to the size of the object, though a playing card is as powerful as a hand grenade in Gambit’s hands.


All comic book geekiness aside, this sounds like my kind of guy. It also sounds like we have a few things in common. In fact, the following workout shows how I used a deck of cards as a powerful source to violently help destroy some unwanted calories, fat, and a bad case of “The Mondays.” haha. Check it out, then grab a deck of cards, and addyour own exercises to this workout.

The best thing about this workout, is you can do it anywhere, anytime. Plus, this helps change up your routine, if it’s starting to get stale. Throw this workout in the mix, using different exercises each time, at least once a week. Make it as creative and challenging, as possible. There really aren’t any rules, except, incorporate exercises that utilize the entire body, hit muscles in the front, back, and both sides of the body, works the upper and lower body, and gets your heart rate up…..I’m not asking for much, am I?

If that’s too much to think about, and just want to get busy and train, then follow this workout, instead. I included alternate exercises in parentheses, as well.

    X-Men origins: Gambit Style Bodyweight Workout:

Grab a full deck of cards, including both jokers. Shuffle and cut the cards. Each suit represents a bodyweight exercise. The number on the card represents how many reps you will perform the exercise. All face cards equal 10 reps. All Aces equal 20 reps. Jokers equal 1000 jump ropes or a 800m run.

Set your Gymboss Timer for 30 minutes, and try to finish the entire deck of cards, before time runs out. Take water breaks as needed. (I usually get a drink every 5 minutes.)

Hearts = Burpee incl. push up & Tuck Jump
Diamonds = Hindu Push Up (Pike Push Up or close grip regular push up) w/hands close together
Clubs = Swing Out Sisters (Jump Squats)
Spades = Mountain Jumpers (Mt. Climbers) – single reps each side

Face cards= 10 reps
Aces = 20 reps

Jokers = 1000 Jump Ropes (or 800 meter run)

Let me know what you think mes amis et mes cheries. Please leave you comments, below.

  • deedee hagar

    You are so well written and inventive.
    I’d like to see a cyclops workout….eyes closed 🙂

  • Sincere

    oooooh, that sounds like a challenge…hmmmmm

  • Manish

    This is great!! Now the workout will never be monotonous. This techinque can be applied to any set of exercises. Thanks man.