WOD: Wednesday – 082608 "Tubes de Resistance!"


This morning, my workout partner, Russell and I, decided to add a little resistance tube training to our workout. It’s been a while since I have done a resistance tube workout. However, after what we went through this morning, I was reminded of why I love training with sturdy resistance tube equipment like Lifeline’s TNT Cable .

I love the fact that with the TNT Cables, I am not limited to a certain set number of pounds for resistance. Similar to the concept of Bowflex, the more I extend the TNT Cable, the more resistance I receive. Thus, it is easy to go from 0-40 pounds of resistance with just one R4 resistance tube used with the TNT Cable. However, imagine the sheer beauty of using 2 or 3 tubes (0-80 or 0-120 w/ the R4 tubing). I like adding the extra tubes for my lower body focused workouts.

Another great advantage of using the TNT Cable from Lifeline, is the door attachment. The door attachment allows me to use the TNT Cables, indoors, for pulling exercises, such as various cable rows, or pushing exercises, such as chest presses. Of course I can use the TNT Cables for squats and overhead presses as well. Basically, I can do most of the best fat burning, strength-building exercises with my TNT cables. Plus, I can take the TNT Cable anywhere, anytime. It fits easily in your suitcase, or you can even use the handy travel bag that comes with it.

So, in other words, you have no excuses to not get a good workout in while traveling, or if you just want to add some variety to your training program. By the way, don’t let the word “resistance” in resistance tubing fool you. For all of you cardio fiends out there, with the right set of exercises thrown together, you will not only get tax your muscles with progressive resistance, but your heart will be racing as well. Therefore, you get the key components of my successful fitness programs, all in one workout, in a short amount of time.

Don’t worry about where to start. I share our workout from this morning below. However, all you need to do right now is grab your own TNT Cable Deluxe Kit by clicking here, http://tinyurl.com/tntcable. You even get an instructional video with your kit. You have to love the fact that you can get a great full body workout without worrying about the dangers of heavy dumb bells or barbells, as well, as the convenience of taking the TNT cable kit with you, no matter how you travel.

Give this workout a shot, and let me know how you do. You will also need a jump rope for this workout. You can grab a good jump rope at any sporting goods store for less than 5 bucks. You can also find great workouts with the TNT Cables, as well as video demos of some of the exercises listed below, by becoming a member of my buddy Jon Hinds’s Monkey Bar Gym’s Online Training, for just a few bucks a month. You can find out more about Jon and the MBG crew at http://tinyurl.com/monkeybargym. Here we go:

Perform each resistance tube exercise for 1 minute, with good form. If you cannot complete the given amount of jump ropes at one time, break the total number up in sets (i.e. 10 or 20) take a brief break and knock out another set fo 10 or 20. continue until you complete the total number listed below.

Rest for 90 seconds between each exercise, and keep your water nearby. Believe me, you will be sweating like a politician in a confessional.

1. TNT Cable squat & overhead press x 1 min.
2. Jump Rope x 400
3. TNT Cable standing double row x 1 min.
4. Jump Rope x 400
5. TNT Cable standing chest press x 1 min.
6. Jump Rope x 400
7. TNT Cable Resisted Run in Place x 1 min.
8. Jump Rope x 400
9. TNT Cable Swimmers
10. Jump Rope x 400