WOD: Sunday 062908


WOD: Sunday 062908

1a. 25 Jump Rope Double Unders

(the jump rope passes 2 times ea. time you jump) Perform this workout for 5 rounds)

1b. 50 – 2 Handed Kettlebell Swings

Perform each exercise together, resting only 30 seconds between each exercise, and rest 1 min. between each set.
In rounds 1&4, I used the 53 (1.5 pood/24 KG) pound KB. In rounds 2&3, I used the 44lb (20 KG), in order to add a little more speed to the set.

I ended round 5 with a pyramid style set by performing 25 swings with the 53 lb KB, 15 swings with the 61 LB KB (28 kg), and finished with 10 swings with the 70 LB KB (32 kg). All 50 swings were performed without rest.

This may be a little advanced for some, so you can modify it a little by reducing the number of reps, or adding more rest time between sets and reps (i.e. 1 min. rest between exercises and/or resting 2 min. between sets).

Definitely make sure you use a kettlebell or dumbbell of moderate weight you can swing with good form. Crank up some Godsmack, step away from the mirror, and give this bad boy a try.

Train smart, train hard, train like a Warrior!