WOD: Monday – 082508


1. 5 x Spint Up Stairs
2. 10 x Hindu Push Ups
3. 15 x Knee 2 Elbow Push Up Planks

Perform as many rounds as possible for 25 min.

Today’s total: 4 full rounds + 2 rounds up stairs

There’s nothing like a little early-to-mid-morning Texas heat, to challenge you and make you truly know why you train the way you do. This morning , I had a real appreciation for shade (to give me a moment to rejuvenate and refocus), and an appreciation for the morning sun (for giving me the vitamin D & melanin boost needed to channel my inner warrior).

I must say this about training outside, in Texas, one can claim glory in being comfortable being uncomfortable. It makes everything else in life, not so serious. Now, get out of the gym, and get out and have some fun.

Train hard, Train smart. Train like a warrior!