WOD: Houston Kettlebell Coach Sincere Hogan Performs 2009 Kettlebell Presses/Jerks For New Years Day


A  couple of great kettlebell coaches, Catherine Imes & Marko Suomi, recently posted a very crazy, yet motivating kettlebell challenge on Facebook. Both spoke about performing 2009 kettlebell jerks/presses w/ 1 kettlebell on new years day.

Hmmmm….amazingly, this struck a chord with me. as the new year approached, I wanted and wondered how, I would challenge myself and further push the envelope with my business, fitness, and life in 2009. well, thanks to Cate and Marko, I found my first true challenge of 2009.

Since becoming a kettlebell coach, I have done a few long sets of various kettlebell exercises, mostly between 3-10 minute cycles. However, 2009 kettlebell jerks &/or presses, posed a real challenge in developing mental toughness. Mental toughness is a major tool I know I wanted to improve upon in 2009. Having solid mental toughness, carries over in, not just your fitness program, but your everyday life. So I decided, “Why, the he**, not?”

Basically, I woke up New Year’s Day, drank my greens shake, cranked up my head-banging training playlist on my ipod, and got busy.  At the request of some friends on Facebook and Twitter, I did broadcast this feat live on Ustream. I’m a little ticked, because every time I try to watch the reply, nothing shows. Thankfully, I had witnesses to watch live, and cheer me on. (Thanks @timothycarter and @averagegoddess)

(This video is of the last 1000 jerks &/or presses. Caution: This video is long. Enjoy!)

Anyhow, yesterday’s workout of the day is listed below, as well as today’s “recovery” workout of the day. How did you start your 2009, in terms of your fitness program?

WOD: 010109

2009 Kettlebell Jerks & Presses (time complete: 3 hours 27 minutes)

WOD: 010209

Jumprope variations x 3 min
rest x 1 min

Perform this for 6 rounds.

  • I love kettlebells. Haven’t used them regularly for a few years but you’re re-inspiring me. Thanks!

  • Sincere

    I hope to keep inspiring you, Lorrie. Go ahead and pick up those bells! You know you want to 🙂