WOD: Friday – 091208: Hurricane Ike Workout


(note: I am based in Houston, TX. and am currently in one of the areas soon to be affected by Hurricane Ike)

Ok, coming from a Radio/TV background, I know the difference between “informational” and “sensational” news. After at least 48 hours of continuous coverage of Hurricane Ike’s approach to the Gulf Coast, the drama starts to get on your nerves. If you are not careful, you will let non-stop emphasis on fear bring you down, and truly attract the same negativity. However, I found another way to use the continuous news coverage to my advantage.

Certain words, which I view as words to draw fear in news viewers, as well as help create the best news reel submission for those news anchors looking for an emmy, are the very words that will keep me on track with my training, as well as keep me from going “ape-s@#$” while being stuck in my apartment.

For the next hour, this is what I will do while watching the news, and it coverage of Hurricane Ike. When I hear the following words listed below, I will perform the exercises assigned to them. It will be interecsting to see how many sets I perform:

1. Storm Surge – 20 Push Ups
2. Power Outage – 20 Bodyweight Squats
3. Eye Wall – 10 Kettlebell snatches/side
4. Flooding – 20 Jumping Jacks
5. Tropical Force Winds – 20 kettlebell swings/side
6. Hunker Down – 20 Burpees

What do you think? Leave your comments and/or well wishes below.

  • I love it! Great idea! I know the news/weather people do get on nerves. They use FEAR to try to pry people out of their homes into evacuation. They figure, better to scare the cr*p out of them and have them live then be complacent and let them perish because they didn’t take the threat seriously.

    It does get on nerves, I lived in S. Florida for 11 years and went through Andrew and a few other hits and near hits.

    Be Safe (and dry!) and Fit!

    In Joy!