WOD: Friday 062708 : Kettlebell Ladders


Kettlebell Ladders

Perform the 2 exercises in each group as supersets (i.e. perform exercise 1a for 1 rep, perform 1b for 1 rep, perform 1a for 2 reps, perform 1b, for 2 reps…etc.) Continue up to 5, and work your way down. Rest for 2 minutes before performing the second group of exercises in the same fashion as group 1.

Group 1

1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 on each side before moving up/down to the next set of reps

1a. KB Swing
1b, KB Clean
1c. KB Snatch

(note: next time, I will perform this group as a double kettlebell superset)

Group 2

2a. Double Kettlebell Jerk
2b. Double Kettlebell Squat

Finished this workout in about 10 minutes. I must say, those Double Kettlebell Jerks had me sweating like a harlot in church; however, training with double kettlebells is as fun as Mr. Mahler suggested.

Hop down to the comment section, and share some of your favorite Kettlebell workouts. If you have questions on training, or where to start, post them in the comment section as well.