WOD: 121108 Kettlebell Swing Pyramid


Superset the following exercises. You will perform the kettlebell alternating swings, sprint 20 yards, perform your push ups, and sprint back. Repeat this, until you have completed the given amount of sets.

50 alt kb swings/50 push ups
45 alt kb swings/45 push ups
40 alt kb swings/40 push ups
35 alt kb swings/35 push ups
30 alt kb swings/30 push ups
25 alt kb swings/25 push ups
20 alt kb swings/20 push ups
15 alt kb swings/15 push ups
10 alt kb swings/10 push ups
5 alt kb swings/5 push ups

My New warrior Training Class and I finished this workout in about 60 minutes. It was a killer, but a perfect way to end our training week together. We are definitely not worried about not being on track, going into the new year.

I think, beginning your Thursday morning, performing 275 alternating kettlebell swings and push ups in 40 degree weather, is a good indicator. Now, excuse me while I ice down my chest and arms. Remember, recovery is just as essential to your program, as training with all out tenacity. It’s all about balance.

Train like a Warrior. Eat like a Warrior. Live like a Warrior!

p.s. How are you changing your training program to fit the various weather conditions of winter?