WOD: 111708


Here’s another quick workout, that hits the full body, burns fat, and build strength.  The beauty of it all is, you can do this workout just about anywhere, and the equipment is portable.

If you do not have a power push up from Lifeline, or a Battling Rope, grab your own, by click the links below. You will love how these two tools will help you burn the fat quickly, plus give you lean sleek muscles. Until you get your own, there are sub exercises in parentheses next to the exercises listed below.

Before beginning this workout, warm up with 5 1 minute rounds of jump rope skipping, in order to get the heart rate going. Rest 30 secs between each set of jump ropes.

Perform each station for 1 minute. Rest 1 minute, and repeat for each station. Perform 3-5 rounds (3 rounds for beginner-intermediate), 5 rounds for advanced.


1. Push Ups w/ Lifeline Power Push Up w/ 2 L4 resistance tubes (or plyo push ups)
2. Jump Squats
3. Battling Ropes (underhand/overhand/side2side) (or squat thrusts)