WOD: 082808 – Thursday "Play Your Cards Right"


Take a deck of cards, and use the number on each card as the designated set of reps for the exercise assigned to the card.

Face cards = 10 reps
Aces = 20 reps
Jokers = Burpees x 50 reps

Hearts = Jump Ropes (rep amount x 10 – i.e. King of Hearts is 10 x 10=100 jump ropes)
Spades = Kettlebell Front Squat
Clubs = Shadow Box – Right Jabs/Left Cross (rep amt. x 5 each side – i.e. 5 of clubs is 5×5=25 reps/side)
Diamonds= 2 Hand Kettlebell Swing

Try to complete the entire deck and record your time. Keep water close by and remain hydrated throughout the workout.