WOD: 020309 – Double Kettlebell Exercises For Size & Strength


Today’s kettlebell workout totally kicked butt, especially on the abs. I can’t see why anyone would want to do crunches, when a lot of various kettlebell exercises are so much more effective. Plus, they give you more bang for your buck. Crunches don’t burn enough calories to give you the six pack that so many janky fitness products and DVDs claim.

Honestly, real six pack abs are made in the kitchen. However, performing the following exercises with a couple of kettlebells (you could also use one, if that’s all you have…no worries), will not only make your core stronger, but they will also help build long lean muscle, increase your overall strength, work the entire body, as well as ramp up your cardio.

Now, that’s a combination (a time-saving one, to say the least), that can help you be on your way to carving out a strong and sexy mid-section. By the way, we were recording this workout, but were betrayed by running out of tape. However, I will re-record this one again and post it here.

1. Double Kettlebell Front Squat x 24 kg x 6 x 3
2. Double Kettlebell Outside Swings x 24 kg x 10 x 3
3. Kettlebell Renegade Rows x 24 kg x 5 x 3
4. Single Kettlebell Russian Twist x 24 kg x 5 x 3
5. Stair Sprints x 3 min (threw this in just to ramp up the cardio a little more)

Give this workout a try, and let me know how you do. By the way, what are some of your favorite double kettlebell exercises? Please share them below.

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  • Sincere,

    Killer workout dude.

    I will give this a crack as soon as i get rid of this flu bug. Love the posts my man.

    Adam Toohey

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  • I agree, getting six pack abs is not just about doing crunches or sit-ups. It has to start with the right diet ( lessen carbs, sweets and processed foods and focus on healthy and nutritious diet eaten in moderate amounts) combined with the proper exercise and the discipline to stick to your regimen.

  • Jeff

    You have to throw in some double windmills if you want to feel those abs burn.

  • Jeff

    You have to throw in some double windmills if you want to feel those abs burn.

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