“Winning the Fat Loss Lottery (not what you think…)” guest post by Sean Flanagan


The primary benefits of slow and steady change – as opposed to rapid weight loss – get talked about a lot. Muscle gets preserved, your metabolic rate gets some protection, and your overall health is maintained (or improved) in the process.



I think though there’s another set of benefits that’s important to think about – and that’s the psychological preparation for your visualized end goal.

Lots of people will tell you they WANT to be wealthy – but what happens to lottery winners?  They can’t handle it.

They’re not prepared for life as millionaires, and they often quickly sabotage their financial situation and just as quickly, end up back in the same (or worse) situation they were in before they hit the ‘jackpot.’

The same thing can apply to fat loss goals – in 2 ways.

First is simply in terms of learning the skills required for maintaining success.   Like our lottery winners could have used some budgeting workshops, those who have pursued fast fat loss could have benefited from hitting “plateaus” so they could develop the SKILLS of maintaining their weight at different points before hitting their target weight/body composition.

Slow and steady fat loss, along with the plateaus that people are often frustrated with, incrementally give you the tools for success at maintenance.

Second, is the need to give yourself time to mold a new self-perception.   When you make big changes, you’re often challenging the way you view yourself.   If you’ve been the ‘fat kid’ all your life and then ALL OF A SUDDEN, you’re the stereotypical picture of ‘lean and fit’, you’re probably going to freak out a bit – and then may be prone to self sabotage.

We often have deeper identity issues tied with the shapes that we’ve held for a long time.   If we slowly change our external shape, we can incrementally address the internal drama creeping up in the process.


I hope the ideas I’ve talked about in this post help you respect your slow and steady process – and maybe even talk you off the ledge, if you’ve been tempted to try some radical ‘fast transformation’ challenges.


Sean Flanagan is a Health, Fitness, & Nutrition Coach specializing in helping women worldwide break from the traps of dietary dogma and to develop the habits, knowledge, and skills required for long term health-first body composition management.

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