Why Every Day Is Veteran’s Day


Do you see that strong gentleman and lady pictured above? Those are my colleagues in strength, symbols of my daily inspiration, as well as two of the finest, most up-standing, human beings I know. Both, define integrity, honor, & dedication.

(pictured w/ Crossfit Gulf Coast‘s Frank Dimeo at
recent New Warrior Training seminar)

(pictured: TJ Byxbee of Southpaw Fighter1 YouTube Channel)



Both are two people I can truly call, my friends. Both, Frank Dimeo (Crossfit Gulf Coast) & the Southpaw fighter herself, TJ Byxbee are also veterans.

Both served our great country, fought, & trained to protect the freedoms the majority of us, in the U.S. hold so true.

Both, continue to fight for our freedoms, in the world of health and fitness by helping their clients, as well as online community, by providing real-world strength and fitness advice. Both, walk the walk & lead from the front, with their own training. Both prove you are never too old, too young, or you are limited by any of false beliefs of others, in order to wake up everyday, give thanks to that which is much bigger than you, & show that gratitude by serving others on a daily basis.

New Warriors, this is the personification of what our veterans of the past, present, & future are all about. Frank and TJ are simply two examples of such honor and valor, that I chose to share here.

Instead of the usual black and white typed text of a “Thank you to all of our vets on this Veterans Day,” I chose to put a couple of faces to that text, in order to add a human element to those words of praise.

Here’s my challenge to you on this Veteran’s Day. If you know a vet personally, call them today, visit them, or if you see one of these great men and women in uniform today, walk up & thank them for the sacrifices that have vowed in order to protect us. Thank them for their dedication.

Post a personal thank you on their Facebook wall, sweet your appreciation on Twitter, dedicate a pin to them on Pinterest, take a snapshot or post one honoring them on Instagram.

As human beings, at the core of it all, I think we all just want to feel appreciated. Here is your chance to appreciate our veterans. You can, & should, do this on any day, not just once a year. However, today is a good start.

Thank you, Frank.

Thank you, TJ.

Thank you to all of the Hogan’s that have and continue to serve.

And thanks to all of our Veterans past, present, & future. Your sacrifices are not in vain.

I want to encourage you to say thank you to a vet or vets, who have touched your life, by posting your thanks below in the comments section. I know they will appreciate it.

Here’s another vet, that inspires me and works his tail off in my New Warrior FitCamp. Thanks for your dedication, Gaby.



  • Thanks, Sincere! Your thoughts and words are very much appreciated!
    (Great to see Gaby in action!!!)

  • First the movember post and now this, I knew you were a good guy but sheesh. I was more people in the fitness industry had this kind of a heart.