Review: Tim Bell’s “The Bodyweight Solution” Ebook & Training Program


Honestly, I’ve been a fan of my buddy Tim Bell of Jungle, long before we discovered and touched based with each other on Facebook. However, I must admit, being on Facebook as afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the top coaches in the health & fitness world, and Tim is no exception.

As a big proponent of bodyweight training, it’s only natural that I would connect with Tim. I appreciate his approach in making bodyweight training applicable and understandable to a wide assortment of trainees, from the combat athlete wanting to enhance their conditioning, to the everyday Joe or Jane looking to shed unwanted  pounds.

Recently, I had the chance to read and review Tim’s latest ebook, “The Bodyweight Solution.” Honestly, I receive lots of ebooks, books, and DVDs. Some are pretty frickin awesome. Meanwhile, most are simply put together by someone, mostly seeking to make some quick money, and once you see the author or creator, it’s obvious, they truly do not walk the walk. However, Tim Bell has not only put together a very informative ebook on bodyweight training, but he constantly shows that he practices what he teaches 😉

This 50+ page gem categorizes the featured exercises into 4 sections: pushing/pressing, pulling, lower body, & core exercises. I can dig how Tim intelligently places each exercise from the foundations, to advanced progressions. Thus, the training beginner, to the most advanced athlete will benefit greatly from Tim’s ebook. Simply check out the table of contents, choose your poison, and get to work!

However,  it’s Tim’s suggestions in terms of assistance drills, such as a technique using an object such as a medicine ball in order to progress to a 1 Arm Push Up, that helps set “The Bodyweight Solution” apart from the usual generic bodyweight training ebooks out there. As I mentioned previously, Tim’s ebook is full of photos. However, do not expect the typical blurry ebook photos, which look like someone is trying to hide the identity of the latest guest star on the TV show “Cops.” These step-by-step photos featured in “TBS” ebook are crisp and clearly show how to perform the featured exercises.

By the way, if you have been trying to figure out the fine art of mastering the pull up, especially the ever evasive Muscle Up, Tim’s got an technique for that ;-). Tim slaps the icing on the proverbial cake, by including a comprehensive FAQ section, programming tips, and well designed sample training programs, excellent for fat loss & conditioning, as well as increasing strength.

All in all, Tim definitely put together a quality product, with “The Bodyweight Solution.” In fact, I persuaded Tim to create a condensed version to include as a bonus for my “Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning for Strength & Fat Loss” DVD. However, to really progress with your bodyweight training, you do not want to miss out on get the complete edition of The Bodyweight Solution, which features far more exercises, photos, programming tips, and more.

The price is highly reasonable, considering the quality of Tim’s ebook, compared to other over-priced bodyweight training ebooks out there, with limited exercises, demos, programming tips, etc. Be sure to hop over to, and grab your copy today, and tell Tim, Sincere sent cha!