“The Avengers” Inspired Workouts: Sincere Hogan’s “Thor” Inspired Tire & Hammer Workout


The Norse god Thor has always been one of my favorite comic book heroes. I mean, how can you not dig a dude known as the God of Thunder, who is jacked to the max, and causes mass havoc with the power of  his weapon of choice, a hammer simply known as “Mjolnir” (which means “that which smashes)?


And smashing is what this workout is all about. Now here’s the deal. I know that not everyone has access to a 300+ lb tractor tire, or a 30 lb sledgehammer. However, don’t worry. There are other objects you can smash, and still garner the great benefits of this workout, including:

– grip strength
– explosive hip power
– rotational benefits
– posterior chain work (aka, building strength in all of the muscles you can’t see in a mirror….the ones behind you 😉
– cardio endurance
-muscle endurance
-mental “effin” toughness

…just to name a few.

If you don’t have access to a tire (even a car tire will work ), you can slam a medicine ball, sandbag, sandbell, heavy stones/rocks, loaded backpack, or heavy punching bag into a grassy area.

Also, you can go really old school, and simply grab an ax, and chop some wood. Just use your imagination, but always be safe.

As for the elevated push ups, you can use a big tire, stairs, bench, chair, etc. Ok, here’s the workout.

By the way, be sure to check out Marvel’s “The Avengers,” and check back here, for more kick ass workouts to help you get the strength and power of a superhero.

The “Thor-inspired” Tire & Hammer Workout:

1a. Sledgehammer smashes x 20 (10 per arm) (the hammer in this clip is  30lb hammer)
1b. Decline Push Ups x 10

Perform 6 rounds. Rest 60-90 secs between rounds. Do not rest between exercise “A” & “B.”

Once you complete this workout,, finish with 5-10 min walk. i finished with 5 min. on the Jacob’s Ladder Total Body exerciser.

Give this workout a shot and let me know what you think. Be sure to check back here regularly for more cool training videos, DVDs, training articles, workshop & seminar info, and more.