The 2 Handed Kettlebell Swing : Demo


Alaina demonstrates the 2 Handed Kettlebell Swing. Always consult with a physician before performing any strenuous activity. The following demonstration is for entertainment purposes only.


– Place The Kettlebell Between Your Feet
– Keep Your weight On Your Heels
– Keep Your Knees Aligned With Your Feet
– Sit Back In The Hips To Load Hamstrings
– Exhale As You Swing KB Behind You
– Forcebally Push Hips Fwd & Clinch Glutes To Swing Fwd
– Stand tall with knees pulled into quads/never lean back
– Swing Bell To Chest Level While Inhaling At Top Of Swing
– Your Torso Follows The KB On The Descent
– Always Relax Your Arms : Let Legs & Hips Do The Work
– Never Use A KB That Is Too Heavy To Use With Good Form

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