Ep.#177: Steve Cotter returns to talk the state of kettlebells and fitness in Asia, the importance of yoga for recovery, developing foot strength, the art of human movement to improve strength and more

  Top strength coach, Steve Cotter, returns to discuss

Ep.#99: Claudia Altucher, a WSJ, USA Today, & Amazon best-selling co-author of “The Power of No,” which she co-wrote w/her husband James Altucher, discusses why saying “No” can be healthy, avoiding psycho dates, disliking the word “meditation” & more

  Claudia Altucher is a Wall Street Journal, Amazon, & USA Today best-selling co-author of “The Power of No,” which she co-wrote with her husband, James Altucher. The avid yoga lover & teacher is also a speaker and has penned her own book, “21 Things To Know Before Starting An Ashtanga Pracice.” During this episode, […]

[New Warrior Thoughts] My Message To Busy Dads/Parents Featured on Time.com

[New Warrior Thoughts] Dads (parents), we should never get to busy with the busy-ness of life, that we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves. Our kiddos need us to be healthy, strong, and to simply “be here with them.”   (photo credit: Time.com/Kidstock/Getty images) Please check out yours truly, in a recent […]

WOD: 031209 – Kettlebell Jerks/Kettlebell Ab Work/& Yoga

10 min of Yoga for Hips & lower back 1. Kettlebell jerks x 24 kg x 10 min (5 min on left & 5 min on right) 2. KB Waiter’s Bow 3. KB Good Morning x 16 kg x 10 x 2 10 min of Yoga/Joint Mobility

WOD: Friday 062008 – "Fortune 500s"

Fortune 500s: This is a guaranteed fat burner, as well as strength builder. Perform the following exercises back to back for 100 reps each for time. Post the time it takes you to complete the workout. Sip water throughout the workout. Try to keep rest periods very minimal. Have fun. Please note, this workout is […]