Complex Kettlebell Exercise Beach Workout: Guest Post from Jon Celis for My Mad Methods

Despite all of this crazy winter weather, in February, let’s not lose site of one fact: Spring “is” around the corner. Thus, it’s only a matter of time before you will have to shed those winter layers, and get your body ready for Spring Break, pool side parties, and start eying the season’s hottest two-piece […]

New Warrior Training on The Playground in Houston

Take a look at how our New Warrior FitCamp Crew (, kick butt & have fun with nothing more than a playground and a wall. Here’s the workout: 1. Pull-2-Frog Hop on Playground Slab x 1 min 2. 1 leg Decline Push Up (Switch feet at the 30 second mark) x 1 min 3. Handstand […]