Ep.#164: Top strength coach Vince McConnell talks breaking up w/old exercises, why chasing PRs is ruining your training program, the gateway drug needed in your training program, and more

  Top strength coach, Vince McConnell returns to the show to discuss the lost art of training longevity, how constantly chasing

Ep.#130: Vince McConnell discusses the difference between training for size vs training for strength, fitness industry pet peeves and more

  Vince McConnell returns to discuss fitness industry pet peeves, how you can avoid them as a coach, trainer, or trainee, as well as the

Ep.#101: Top strength coach Vince McConnell returns to share the best & smartest way to train yourself or clients approaching or currently age 50+ for strength & longevity, while dispelling all training myths

  What’s the best…scratch that…what’s the “smartest” way to train, if you’re 50 or older, train clients who at 50+, or train yourself and/or clients approaching 50? Top strength coach Vince McConnell returns to the LLA podcast to share how he helps his clients in this age range, as well as how he

Ep#38 – Top Strength Coach Vince McConnell Stops By To Discuss The “Insanity” Of Late Night Infomercials, Chasing Fatigue, Kettlebell Conditioning & more : 121913

  Top strength coach, Vince McConnell (http://www.mcconnelltraining.com/) is based in Alabama, but is known globally for his 30+ years as a leading resource in the world of strength & conditioning. Vince’s clients range from high school athletes, pro athletes, and the eveyday hard-working Jane and Joe. During episode #38 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, […]