Why Every Day Is Veteran’s Day

Do you see that strong gentleman and lady pictured above? Those are my colleagues in strength, symbols of my daily inspiration, as well as two of the finest, most up-standing, human beings I know. Both, define integrity, honor, & dedication. (pictured w/ Crossfit Gulf Coast‘s Frank Dimeo at recent New Warrior Training seminar) (pictured: TJ […]

Today & Everyday, The New Warrior Nation Honors The True Warriors: Our Veterans

I make it a point to take time out and honor the brave men and women who fight for my freedom to write on this blog, present my workshops, share my knowledge of health & fitness, and so much more, at any chance I can. In my opinion, Veterans Day is everyday! I know and […]

Happy 235th Birthday United States Marine Corp From New Warrior Training

Today marks the 235th birthday of the United States Marine Corp. For 235 years, these brave men and women, have dedicated themselves to protecting the freedom of the United States, as well, as its allies. The Marines have always captured my attention, via their tenacity, dedication, patriotism, and overall reputation for being some of the […]