Ep.#112: Pt.2 – Dr. Mark Gordon returns &discusses how the military, professional sports organizations, and others have responded to his research & treament of TBI & PTSD, why most “high cholesterol” warnings are b.s., & proper dosing of hormone replacement

  Dr. Mark Gordon returns for part 2 of our discussion of his research and treatment of hormone replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury, as well as addressing

Ep.#111: Dr. Mark L. Gordon discusses the effects of traumatic brain injuries on hormone health, TBI vs. PTSD, Estrogen Balance for men and more

  Dr. Mark Gordon has researched the risks and benefits of clinical hormonal reconstitution for over 15 years. Treating over 10000 patients, Dr. Gordon is a pioneer in hormone testing and replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury & has now treated scores of

The Top 3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make A Difference: “Listen, Laugh, Help”

Yes, today is Mardi Gras, and I planned on posting a “Non” Fat Tuesday-style workout. However, when I work up this morning, I received a Facebook email, via my buddy Mike Mahler. Mike shared a post from another friend, and and all around great guy, comedian, John Heffron. Usually, John creates some of the funniest […]