Houston’s Premier Fitness BootCamp & Underground Training For Fat Loss

Folks always ask what we do in our fitness bootcamp and what makes us different than the gazillion bootcamps in Houston (especially in our park location). Trust me, it’s not just about the workouts (because, we don’t workout…we play). It’s not just about the tools we use (it seems like everyone is trying to go […]

Tire Battle Relay @ Houston’s Premier Fitness Bootcamp – JoshOne FitCamp

Here’s a clip of my fitcamp warriors & warriorettes playing a little game we call the “Tire Battle Relay.” Be sure to check out the dogfight between Leo & yours truly at the end. This is how we have fun, while getting stronger, leaner, and more, each day. As you can see, big toys aren’t […]

“Tire Battling” w/ Sincere Hogan & Rick Daman @ The Underground Strength Gym

Recently, my man Zach Even-Esh of http://budurl.com/uscoach, explained the benefits of getting your “tire battle” on, when training with a partner or team. This is one of the many ways you can add variety to your training, have some fun, and get hella strong. Also, by switching your feet though out the drill, you can […]