Ep.#187: Thomas Incledon returns to discuss the truth, lies, and effects of probiotics in regards to digestive health, hormones, and blood pressure, sleep apnea’s effect on MMA fighters and more

  Popular LLA Show guest, Thomas Inclendon (aka “the World’s Strongest Scientist) returns to discuss the following: Thomas discusses the ins and outs of gut health Why does the amount of probiotics used in studies pale in comparison to what is available at your local supplement shop, and which

Ep.#144: Dr. Thomas Incledon discusses the effectiveness of ketosis, bulking phase, neutropics, Onnit, certain diet strategies, and more

  Popular guest, Dr. Thomas Incledon, returns to answer listener questions regarding ketosis, diet strategies, the effectiveness of bulking phases, the best neutropics on the

Ep.#133: Dr. Tom Incledon talks natural testosterone boosters, surprising lab results of top “Paleo Guys,” the Tim Ferriss you may not know and more

  Dr. Thomas Incledon, a.k.a “The World’s Strongest Scientist,” is a world renowned scientist in the fields of anti-aging medicine and natural hormone therapy since 1989.Tom is also the CEO of Human Performance Specialists, Inc. and Human Health Specialists where he helps individuals from all walks of life optimize their health, quality of life, and athletic […]