Ep.#53: Scott Shetler lost 50 lbs in 4mo w/his Abundant Health Plan, is the Kettlebell Specialist for TapOut’s VTC, co-authored a book w/UFC, WWE, Hip Hop, Strength & Coditioning plant-based athletes & more for a great cause – 021314

Scott Shetler (http://scottshetler.com) is the creator of the Abundant Health Plan, which helped him lose 50 lbs in 4 months, as well as a strength & conditioning coach, author, animal welfare advocate, speaker, and the owner of Extreme Performance Training Systems, & is based in Atlanta. Scott has served as strength & conditioning contributor to […]

How “Not” To Train With Kettlebells: Episode 4: “Kettlebelly Dancing?”

In the never-ending quest to keep you safe from all things wrongly taught on YouTube University, here is another example of why it pays to get qualified instruction from a real certified kettlebell instructor, and not someone, such as lil’ mama in the following clip. I really don’t have to say much about this clip, […]

If You’re Not Evolving: You’re Dying – “The Kettlebell Snatch-Revisited”

It’s crazy, typing certain exercise related terms in Google, only to find a video I posted a couple of years ago, that still pops up on the first couple of pages. When this happens, I am reminded of a couple of things: a. Obviously, the video has been visited enough times, to remain relevant enough […]