Ep.#71: Dr. Carlon Colker talks training Shaq, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Bradley Cooper, & Andre Agassi, plus better nutrition options for lower income families, the Carbs & Sugar Myths, Atkins, Myostatin Inhibitors & more – 041714

Dr. Carlon Colker (http://peakwellness.com) is an physician, author, network reality TV personality, public speaker, and dietary supplement industry consultant. He runs a private practice and consulting clinic in Greenwich, Connecticut (Peak Wellness, Inc.), Dr. Colker, NBA Shaquille O’Neal’s personal physician and trainer for over 20 years and whom he credits with

Ep.#54: Dr. Peter Rouse returns to discuss nootropics, enhancing cognitive function, gluten-free myths, fluoride, free vs. total testosterone in athletic perofrmance, & more – 021714

Dr. Peter Rouse  (http://afpcenter.com) returns to the show to discuss the topic of nootropics and its growing popularity. During Ep.#54, Peter also shares some insight on cognitive health, improving brain function, addressing neurological health, free testosterone vs. total