Fit Coach Sincere Hogan’s Workout Using Kettlebells, Sledgehammers, Tires, & Bodyweight

Always consult a medical professional before starting a fitness program. The following workout is designed to help you get hella strong, while building quality lean muscle, burning fat, and increasing your strength and power. The coolest part about this workout is the equipment used is inexpensive, easy to transport (so you can train anywhere), help […]

WOD: Monday – 090808

10 – Sq/OH thrusts w/TNT Cable 20 – Push Ups 30 – Knee 2 Elbow Planks 40 – Squat Thrusters 50 – Jump Ropes Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes for this full body workout. Keep your water nearby, and don’t eat a big lunch/b’fast before this on, or you will see […]