Ep.#110: David Weck is the creator of the popular BOSU ball. Dave joins us to discuss “Bosu-haters,” the ins & outs of creating physical fitness products, Matt Furey’s marketing methods, BOSU myths, strength coach Eric Cressey, & more

  David Weck is the innovative mind behind the popular, and often controversial, Bosu Ball. David joins us to dispel the

Ep.#82: Aurora Colello, an inspiring mother of 4, shares how she used alternative medicine, exercise, and an anti-inflammatory diet to not only reverse multiple sclerosis, but erase 10 lesions on her brain, and become a high level triathlete.

    Aurora Colello (http://www.auroracolello.com/) is a top level triathlete. However, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and losing her vision in 2008, the mother of 4 never thought she’d be the athlete and health advocate she is today. After doctors pretty much gave her zero chance of living a healthy quality of life and to prepare for the worst, Aurora […]

Ep.#73: Master RKC Instructor Max Shank Discusses The Current State of The RKC w/o Pavel Tsatsouline, Busy Schedule Training Tips, Taking on Childhood Obesity, & more – 042414

  Max Shank is a San Diego-based strength coach, Highland Games competitor, martial artists, and Master RKC instructor. Since his early days of becoming a personal trainer, Max switched his focus from basic strength training to a holistic approach of overall fitness and health. His passion has become helping people rehabilitate injuries and fix their […]