Ep.#95: Rannoch Donald is a movement maverick, coach, & founder of the Men’s Health Magazine featured “100rep Challenge” & joins us to discuss PEDs, Fat, Salt, & Sugar addictions, if fit men prefer to be with muscular women, the war on young men, Scottish

  Rannoch Donald is a movement maverick, inspirational trainer, coach and founder of the ground breaking 100 Rep Challenge (as featured in Men’s Health), Rannoch has a lifelong interest in health and well being through movement, mindfulness and the martial arts. Rannoch’s focus is on

[New Warrior Thoughts] “12 Teachings of the Great Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr.”

I recently saw the following post via my friend, Rannoch Donald, via a strength coach and teacher of life that I truly look up to and admire, Martin Rooney. Martin simply shared the following from the Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu fanpage. Thus, I believe if anything should truly go viral in social media, it’s those things […]