Ep.#71: Dr. Carlon Colker talks training Shaq, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Bradley Cooper, & Andre Agassi, plus better nutrition options for lower income families, the Carbs & Sugar Myths, Atkins, Myostatin Inhibitors & more – 041714

Dr. Carlon Colker (http://peakwellness.com) is an physician, author, network reality TV personality, public speaker, and dietary supplement industry consultant. He runs a private practice and consulting clinic in Greenwich, Connecticut (Peak Wellness, Inc.), Dr. Colker, NBA Shaquille O’Neal’s personal physician and trainer for over 20 years and whom he credits with

WOD: Sunday 070608

OK, I’m still a little amped from the UFC fight from last night. Don’t  ask me what I thought of the Rampage:Griffin fight. Let’s just say, I look forward to a rematch. anyhow, here’s a quick 2o minute workout that will definitely make any fat you’re trying tog et rid of, tap out! 1. Jump […]