New Warrior Kettlebells -Houston: Kettlebell/Bodyweight “Triple Threat Match” WOD

Here’s our WOD, in what we call a Kettlebell/Bodyweight “Triple Threat Match” 1a. Mt. Jumper Push Ups 1b. Double

New Warrior WOD: Ropes, Primates, & Insect Bodyweight Circuit

Here’s a trio of fat-burning, full body exercises, that not only build strength, but gets your heart racing, as well. Basically, you will perform the following exercises: 1. Skip Rope (aim for 120-140 reps per minute) 2. Chimp Walks (aim for 25-30 rpm) 3. Grasshopper Push Ups (aim for 20-25 rpm) Putting it all together:

New Warrior Workouts: Plyo-Spidey Push Ups & 400m Interval Sprint

Here is a cool workout we did in our New Warrior FitCamp class. This is a simple, yet effective fat-burning, strength workout, using only 2 exercises. You will perform each exercise back to back, and rest only between rounds. Rest no more than 2-3 min between rounds. Perform as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) x […]

Fit Coach Sincere Hogan’s Workout Using Kettlebells, Sledgehammers, Tires, & Bodyweight

Always consult a medical professional before starting a fitness program. The following workout is designed to help you get hella strong, while building quality lean muscle, burning fat, and increasing your strength and power. The coolest part about this workout is the equipment used is inexpensive, easy to transport (so you can train anywhere), help […]

WOD: Friday – 091208: Hurricane Ike Workout

(note: I am based in Houston, TX. and am currently in one of the areas soon to be affected by Hurricane Ike) Ok, coming from a Radio/TV background, I know the difference between “informational” and “sensational” news. After at least 48 hours of continuous coverage of Hurricane Ike’s approach to the Gulf Coast, the drama […]

WOD: Monday – 090808

10 – Sq/OH thrusts w/TNT Cable 20 – Push Ups 30 – Knee 2 Elbow Planks 40 – Squat Thrusters 50 – Jump Ropes Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes for this full body workout. Keep your water nearby, and don’t eat a big lunch/b’fast before this on, or you will see […]

WOD: Tuesday – 072908: Crossfit’s "Cindy"

I decided to mix it up a bit today, and return to one of my favorite workouts from the great folks over at Crossfit. Her name is “Cindy.” Her butt-kicking prowess – unmatched! Perform as many rounds as possible for 20 minutes. Leave your results in the comments section. 1. 5 Pull Ups 2. 10 […]

WOD: Monday – 072808 Jump Rope Pyramid

Perform exercises 1 and 3 in a ladder fashion: 1. Jump Rope – 50,100,150,200,250 2. Full Court Suicides (or set up cones 5 yards apart for 25 yards) 3. Push Ups – 5,10,15,20,15,20,25 4. Full Court Sprint Finish time: 19m:18s