Ep.#193: James Pond returns to discuss his new mission with the Veteran’s Path organization to help our Vets transition back to civilian life and help eliminate the growing number of veteran suicides

  Friend of the show and popular guest, James Pond, returns for this special Veteran’s Day edition of the

Ep.#181: Robert Cozmo Consulmagno, is a Marine vet and current #2 world ranked purple belt in jiu jitsu who shares how he utilizes his own fight w/PTSD and Bi-polar disorder to encourage others, and how he uses intense physical training as his therapy

  Robert Consulmagno is living breathing proof that Bi Polar disorder & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are nothing more than a fight?One that can be won and one that can be put back in ORDER! Cozmo speaks to Veterans and organizations about his own fight with PTSD & Bi-Polar Disorder and how to mount […]

Ep.#174: Warrior Angels Foundation founder, Andrew Marr talks helping vets overcome brain injuries, PTSD and TBI’s surprising connection to the rise in homelessness and incarceration

  Andrew Marr is a former Special Forces Green Beret, founder of Warrior Angels Foundation, an organization whose sole purpose is

Ep.#160: Dr. Mark Gordon talks medicinal marijuana treatment for PTSD and TBI, alternative uses for Viagra and more

  Dr. Mark Gordon is a pioneer in hormone testing and replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury & has now treated scores of

Ep.#112: Pt.2 – Dr. Mark Gordon returns &discusses how the military, professional sports organizations, and others have responded to his research & treament of TBI & PTSD, why most “high cholesterol” warnings are b.s., & proper dosing of hormone replacement

  Dr. Mark Gordon returns for part 2 of our discussion of his research and treatment of hormone replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury, as well as addressing

Ep.#111: Dr. Mark L. Gordon discusses the effects of traumatic brain injuries on hormone health, TBI vs. PTSD, Estrogen Balance for men and more

  Dr. Mark Gordon has researched the risks and benefits of clinical hormonal reconstitution for over 15 years. Treating over 10000 patients, Dr. Gordon is a pioneer in hormone testing and replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury & has now treated scores of