EP.#124: Bas Rutten discusses why his O2 Trainer trumps those “elevation” trainers, the UFC’s new drug policies, why Ronda Rousey is the future of MMA and more

  MMA legend, Bas Rutten, returns to talk about why his O2 Trainer’s inspiratory trainer is superior to other respiratory trainers on the market, how he really feels about the UFC’s current stance on

Ep.#95: Rannoch Donald is a movement maverick, coach, & founder of the Men’s Health Magazine featured “100rep Challenge” & joins us to discuss PEDs, Fat, Salt, & Sugar addictions, if fit men prefer to be with muscular women, the war on young men, Scottish

  Rannoch Donald is a movement maverick, inspirational trainer, coach and founder of the ground breaking 100 Rep Challenge (as featured in Men’s Health), Rannoch has a lifelong interest in health and well being through movement, mindfulness and the martial arts. Rannoch’s focus is on

Ep.#45 – Steve Cotter, Internationally Known as a Kettlebell & Strength & Conditioning Coach, Creator of The IKFF & more, talks PEDs in Kettlebell Sport, Training & Travel, & The Future of The IKFF : 011614

    Steve Cotter  (http://ikff.net) is the creator and president of the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation (IKFF), as well a a well known strength and conditioning coach, martial artist, speaker, and best known as helping to spread the culture of kettlebell training on a global scale. During episode #45 of the Live Life Aggressively […]