“Real Women Do Push Ups!” Here’s Proof!

I’ve said it a million times before: “Real Women Do Push Ups!” However, Coach Tara, one of favorite folks to follow on You Tube, shows that some women do push ups farrrrr better than most men. She evens busts out with one of my favs: the 1 Legged Dan push up (or as I call […]

WOD: X-Men Origins: Gambit Style Bodyweight Workout Mes Amis

Ok, in wrapping up my series of X-Men Origin inspired workouts, which began with Wolverine and Sabertooth, I am wrapping things up with one of my favorite mutants of all time. With such a heavy creole influence here in Houston, thanks to our Louisiana neighbors next door, how could I not have love for the […]

Houston Fit Coach’s 6 Min. Fat Loss Circuit Using A Jump Rope & Kettlebells

Here’s a clip I wanted to share with you all, using a jump rope and kettlebells for quick fat loss. You can grab high quality, affordable kettlebells at http://lifelinekettlebells.com. Be sure to sign up for my email updates at http://budurl.com/newwarriorupdates, for even more fit tips, updates, and more. How do you use the jump rope […]