New Warrior Thoughts: The Path To Greatness Starts….

[New Warrior Thoughts] Everyday we have breath in our body, we also have the opportunity to move toward greatness. So many of us spend

New Warrior Thoughts: “Mental Toughness vs. Physical Talents”

“A person who is mentally tough looks at competition as a challenge to rise up to, rather than a threat to back down from.” –Gary Mack from one of favorite books, “Mind Gym.”   Look, you can have all of the physical/genetic talents in

Monday Motivation : The Moment You Quit is The Moment You Lose

I love kettlebell sport, as much as I love martial arts. I feel there is a lot both sports have in common, not just from a physical/athletic standpoint, but from a mental aspect as well. In fact, it’s the mental game that has the most correlation and carry-over, between both sports. In preparation for competing […]

[New Warrior Thoughts] “12 Teachings of the Great Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr.”

I recently saw the following post via my friend, Rannoch Donald, via a strength coach and teacher of life that I truly look up to and admire, Martin Rooney. Martin simply shared the following from the Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu fanpage. Thus, I believe if anything should truly go viral in social media, it’s those things […]

Top 10 New Warrior Thoughts You Can Learn From NFL Pro Ray Lewis

Yesterday,  I ran across a video featuring NFL star Ray Lewis, that was just the kick in the pants I needed to hear. We all have good days and bad days, as well as, face challenges that seem make the road to success feel like LA traffic…going nowhere fast.  We’re all human. However, we can all […]