It’s Getting Real In The Whole Foods Parking Lot

Whenever I conduct grocery store tours at Whole Foods for my New Warrior Fitcamp & Kettlebell Club members, I always warn them of what days to avoid grocery shopping. Every weekend (especially Sundays) & Wednesdays, it seems like the Apocalypse and Ground Hog Day produce a weekly love child know as the, Whole Foods Parking […]

Kettlebell Workout of the Day + IKFF Fun w/ Overhead Squat

1a. Alt. KB Swings x 1 min. 1b. KB Overhead squat x 6 ea. side (perform 6 on the left, then 6 on the right) – * When performing the OH squat, keep your eye on the kettlebell/free hand out in front/hips back (push the bell up, while sinking your lats down). Only go as […]