Ep.#91: Marcus Martinez is the co-creator & former co-owner of My Mad Methods magazine, trains pro MMA fighters, runs a successful gym in Orange County, travels & teaches globally, runs an online business, all while being present in his growing family

  Marcus Martinez (http://mbodypro.com) is the owner and creator of Mbody Pro, the Mbody Gym in Brea, California, and co-creator and former partner of the popular unconventional training magazine, My Mad Methods. Currently, Marcus continues to

Kettlebells and Bodyweight Training w/ MBodyStrength’s Marcus Martinez

My good friend & bad ass strength coach, Marcus Marinez of http://mbodystrength.com, put together a kick butt workout, to help you get your New Year off to a great start.  In this clip, Marcus utilizes 2 of my favorite training tools, kettlebells & bodyweight. Both are highly conventional, when you need to get in a […]