Coach Sincere Hogan’s Bodyweight & Kettlebell Workouts of Day For The Week of 01/26/09

Here’s a look at my body weight and kettlebell workouts of the day, that I performed with my New Warrior Kettlebell class and my New Warrior FitCamp (formally known as JoshOne FitCamp & Fitness Bootcamps)¬† in Houston, TX. It’s been a killer week. Monday’s workout, definitely set the tone for this week’s intensity. Always take […]

Feeling A Little Tight In The Hips, Lately? Consider Kettlebell Windmills

If you are feeling a little tight in the hips, or have shoulder issues, the kettlebell windmill is excellent for shoulder stabilization, hip flexibility, building a strong back and core, and so much more. It’s very important to keep the hips flexible, as they are highly responsible for a lot of our daily movement. Also, […]

WOD: Thursday – 072408

1. 1 arm kettlebell swings x 32kg (70#) x 5 sets x 10 reps/side 2. Kettlebell Windmills x 20kg (44#) x 2 x 5/side & 24kg(53#) x 1 x 5/side 3. Kettlebell Clean x 20kg (44#) x 1 x 5 & 24kg (53#) x 4 x 5 rest=2 minutes between sets and 3 minutes between […]