WOD: 031209 – Kettlebell Jerks/Kettlebell Ab Work/& Yoga

10 min of Yoga for Hips & lower back 1. Kettlebell jerks x 24 kg x 10 min (5 min on left & 5 min on right) 2. KB Waiter’s Bow 3. KB Good Morning x 16 kg x 10 x 2 10 min of Yoga/Joint Mobility

WOD: Houston Kettlebell Coach Sincere Hogan Performs 2009 Kettlebell Presses/Jerks For New Years Day

A  couple of great kettlebell coaches, Catherine Imes & Marko Suomi, recently posted a very crazy, yet motivating kettlebell challenge on Facebook. Both spoke about performing 2009 kettlebell jerks/presses w/ 1 kettlebell on new years day. Hmmmm….amazingly, this struck a chord with me. as the new year approached, I wanted and wondered how, I would […]