WOD: 11/11/08 Kettlebell Ladders

¬† Perform 1 rep on one side, exchange the kb, and perform 1 rep on the other side. Next, exchange kb, and perform 2 reps on one side, exchange…etc. Start from 1 rep and work your way to 10 on excercises 1 and 2. work from 1 to 5 on exercise 3. Perform hindu push […]

WOD: Tuesday – 090908: Kettlebell Ladders w/ Bear Crawls

Warm Up: 2 Hand Kettlebell Swing x 5 x 1 minutes Kettlebell Ladder: Perform the following amount of reps for exercise 1a, then immediately perform the exact same amount for exercise 1b. Perform the number of reps of this superset without rest in between. Once done with first superset, rest 1 minute, and then perform […]

WOD: 082808 – Thursday "Play Your Cards Right"

Take a deck of cards, and use the number on each card as the designated set of reps for the exercise assigned to the card. Face cards = 10 reps Aces = 20 reps Jokers = Burpees x 50 reps Hearts = Jump Ropes (rep amount x 10 – i.e. King of Hearts is 10 […]

WOD: Tuesday – 082608 – Kettlebell & Jump Rope Circuit

1. 1 Hand Kettlebell Swing (l/r) x 2 min./side 2. Jump Rope x 400 3. Kettlebell Front Squat x 1 min Perform this circuit of exercises for 4 rounds with 30 sec. rest between exercises and 1 min. rest between sets. This workout will surely amp up your kettlebell training, fat burning routine, as well […]