New Warrior Kettlebells-Houston : Kettlebell/Bodyweight Fat-Burning Brutality

Here’s a really crazy circuit of kettlebells & bodyweight exercises, that will have you smoked. It definitely had one of my New Warrior Kettlebells – Houston warriors sweating, as you will see in this video. Here is the workout: Perform each exercise, back to back, without rest for 1 min. each. Once you’ve completed 1 […]

What Can You Do In 10 Minutes This Weekend?

It’s the weekend, and this is usually the time most kick back and relax. It is also a time when a lot fo folks try to cram in errands they did not accomplish during week, spend time with friends and family, or are venturing out on a vacation. With so much going on in a […]

WOD: Thursday – 072408

1. 1 arm kettlebell swings x 32kg (70#) x 5 sets x 10 reps/side 2. Kettlebell Windmills x 20kg (44#) x 2 x 5/side & 24kg(53#) x 1 x 5/side 3. Kettlebell Clean x 20kg (44#) x 1 x 5 & 24kg (53#) x 4 x 5 rest=2 minutes between sets and 3 minutes between […]

WOD: Wednesday 070908 – Jump Rope Pyramid

This workout is excellent for fat loss, and combines kettlebell exercises with my favorite fat-burning tool, the jump rope. Perform each exercise back to back. Take brief breaks to re-hydrate. You will work your way up the ladder of reps for each exercise. For example, perform 50 jump ropes, then immediately perform 5 one-arm kettlebell […]

WOD: Wednesday 070208 – "Pressing On"

One of the best exercises to build size and strength are overhead pressing exercises. Another great overhead pressing exercise tool is the kettlebell. Not only will this exercise tool help build strength and size in your back, shoulders, and arms, it also works the entire trunk area (core), but the push presses I did in […]

WOD: Sunday 062908

WOD: Sunday 062908 1a. 25 Jump Rope Double Unders (the jump rope passes 2 times ea. time you jump) Perform this workout for 5 rounds) 1b. 50 – 2 Handed Kettlebell Swings Perform each exercise together, resting only 30 seconds between each exercise, and rest 1 min. between each set. In rounds 1&4, I used […]

WOD: Friday 062708 : Kettlebell Ladders

Kettlebell Ladders Perform the 2 exercises in each group as supersets (i.e. perform exercise 1a for 1 rep, perform 1b for 1 rep, perform 1a for 2 reps, perform 1b, for 2 reps…etc.) Continue up to 5, and work your way down. Rest for 2 minutes before performing the second group of exercises in the […]