Ep.#108: Chris Pontius of the series & movie francise, “Jackass” joins us to discuss training w/kettlebells, classic Steve-O moments, Kanye West marketing tips, the ups & downs of fame & more

  Chris Pontius is a core member of the MTV & movie franchise hit, Jackass and, along with Steve-O, co-host of Wildboyz.  On Jackass, Pontius often went by the monikers “Bunny the Lifeguard”, “Party Boy”, “Chief Roberts”, “Roller Bobby”, “Pontius the Barbarian”, “Mr. America”, “Garbage Man”, “Dutch Girl”, “Satan”, and “Bear Johnson (The Alaskan Porn Sensation).”   […]

Ep.#39 – Mike & Sincere Discuss Holiday Eating Tips, The Pomodoro Techinique, A Kanye Meltdown, the Coach’s Curse, & Who Confused Mike Mahler for Michael Jackson – 122313

    This week’s listener Q&A segment of episode 38 of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is available right now. During this episode, Mike & Sincere discuss: What is the “Stage 5” phase of training & why you should incorporate it in your training routine How to utilize the Pomodoro Technique […]