Wolverine Style Workout w/ Kettlebell Combos, Jump Rope, & Bodyweight

In honor of the release of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine, here are two different workouts that will help you get lean and jacked like “Wolverine” star, Hugh Jackman. Hugh got lean and ripped for the movie by incorporating workouts centered around lifting heavy weights, and using compound exercises. The following workout, does just that. Whether you […]

WOD: Monday – 090808

10 – Sq/OH thrusts w/TNT Cable 20 – Push Ups 30 – Knee 2 Elbow Planks 40 – Squat Thrusters 50 – Jump Ropes Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes for this full body workout. Keep your water nearby, and don’t eat a big lunch/b’fast before this on, or you will see […]

WOD: 082808 – Thursday "Play Your Cards Right"

Take a deck of cards, and use the number on each card as the designated set of reps for the exercise assigned to the card. Face cards = 10 reps Aces = 20 reps Jokers = Burpees x 50 reps Hearts = Jump Ropes (rep amount x 10 – i.e. King of Hearts is 10 […]