Extreme Kettlebell Juggling + Double Kettlebell Work w/ Jump Rope Training

WOD: 041809 Here’s my workout from yesterday, using double kettlebell work and one of my fav’s, the jump rope. I just wanted something quick to get my heart racing and that would get all of my muscles involved intensely. If you have not incorporated training with 2 kettlebells at the same time, then what the […]

Tips For Enjoying Weekend Activities Without Sabotaging Your Fitness Program

The weekend is usually when most folks, who are training hard during the week, take it easy. The weekend is also when the same peeps treat themselves to a little meal or two, that is not necessarily a part of their current training regimen. I am no exception. Saturday’s are my “coffee-at-Border’s Bookstore” days, with […]

WOD: 11/10/08 – Bball Court Suicides/Bear Crawls/Inch Worms

Rest 3 minutes between each set of exercises. 1. Full Court Suicides x 3 2. Full Court Bear Crawl Suicides (crawl to cone-sprint back to bassline) 3. Inch Worm from bassline to mid-court + jump rope x 250 + inchworm 2 bassline & repeat 4. Full Court Bear Crawl Suicides (same as 32 above) 5. […]