Jack Lalanne, Health & Fitness Great, “Passes” at Age 96 & Why He is Not “Dead.”

Truly considered the godfather of modern health & fitness, Jack Lalanne passed away over the weekend, at age 96. I say “passed” & not “died” because Jack was quoted stating the following: “I tell people I can’t afford to die; it will wreck my image!” I remember watching old clips of his TV show on […]

Houston MMA Instructor Duane Stevenson’s Warrior Spirit Is Stronger Than Any Physical Disability or Past Abuse

I recently came across the following video, while looking for more local lovers (and practitioners) of mixed martial arts. I was more than surprised, awestruck, and more importantly, inspired when I found this documentary, Monster Warrior:Soul of a Warrior, featuring Houston MMA instructor Duane Stevenson. Duane is living proof of one who truly lives by […]