The Warriors Affected By The Nashville Floods Need Your Assistance

I’m not much of a news person. In fact, I hardly ever watch it, due to so much of the its focus on just about all things negative. However, I can usually know what’s going on in the world, immediately when it happens, via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Yet, for some reason, […]

Is that all you’ve got, Ike? I’m Still Standing…yeah, yeah, yeah

After a very interesting and tumultuous 72 hours, I can boldly say my family and I survived hurricane ike. The interesting thing is, it was not the hurricane that worried me. My oly fear was the safety and fear of my kiddos. However, they proved to be stronger warriors than I could ever anticipate. Nothing […]

WOD: Friday – 091208: Hurricane Ike Workout

(note: I am based in Houston, TX. and am currently in one of the areas soon to be affected by Hurricane Ike) Ok, coming from a Radio/TV background, I know the difference between “informational” and “sensational” news. After at least 48 hours of continuous coverage of Hurricane Ike’s approach to the Gulf Coast, the drama […]