Houston Trainer’s Jump Rope & Bodyweight Training For Fat Loss & More

Here’s a workout for fat loss, using 4 exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. The bonus….the only equipment you need is a jump rope. By performing these 4 exercises, back-to-back without rest, you will ramp up your metabolism, cardio, save time, & enhance strength & flexibility. Here’s The Workout: Superset: 1a. Skip Rope x 3 […]

How To Eat & Snack Healthy Like A “Road” Warrior

Making the right food choices, that fit “your” program, while on the road, does not have to be that hard. You just have to do your due diligence. In this video, I am in Cali, attending Mike Mahler’s Kettlebells in the Age of Quarrel seminar, and just returned from a quick trip to a local […]

Fat Loss Using Bodyweight Exercises, Lifeline’s TNT Cable, & The Perfect Push Up

I love combining various tools with bodyweight training, in order to mix things up (as well as keep training fun). Here’s a video combining dynamic bodyweight exercises with tools such as, Lifeline’s TNT cable & the perfect push up, to burn fat, increase strength, build long lean muscle, and ramp up your cardio. The cool […]

WOD: 031509: Houston Personal Trainer’s Sunday Morning Brunch Workout of The Day

My definition of a “consistent need for focus” & an “always” humbling experience: Speed Jump Roping while barefoot! Haha. Here’s my Sunday morning brunch workout: 1. Speed jump rope x 100 2. 1 arm Kettlebell Swings x 15/ea. arm 3. Reverse roll & stand x 5 4. Sprawl Push Ups x 10 Perform all of […]

Houston Fit Coach’s 6 Min. Fat Loss Circuit Using A Jump Rope & Kettlebells

Here’s a clip I wanted to share with you all, using a jump rope and kettlebells for quick fat loss. You can grab high quality, affordable kettlebells at http://lifelinekettlebells.com. Be sure to sign up for my email updates at http://budurl.com/newwarriorupdates, for even more fit tips, updates, and more. How do you use the jump rope […]

Coach Sincere Hogan’s Bodyweight & Kettlebell Workouts of Day For The Week of 01/26/09

Here’s a look at my body weight and kettlebell workouts of the day, that I performed with my New Warrior Kettlebell class and my New Warrior FitCamp (formally known as JoshOne FitCamp & Fitness Bootcamps)¬† in Houston, TX. It’s been a killer week. Monday’s workout, definitely set the tone for this week’s intensity. Always take […]