Ep.#166: What are the anti-estrogenic and fat loss benefits of green tea, is it time for a new LLApodcast live event, are you missing out on pour over coffee’s benefits, and more

  This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following: Mike discusses new studies showing the fat-burning and estrogen-blocking effects of

Ep.#159: Top strength coach, Lee Boyce, talks setting attainable training goals, the benefits of injuries, his training goals for 2016, avoiding training pitfalls, Soccer Parent syndrome & more

  Lee Boyce is a highly respected and sought-after strength coach, professional fitness writer, and an ex-athlete. Lee is based in Toronto, where he

WOD: Thursday 073108 Greasing The Groove

Just did some Kettlebell swings and kettlebell juggling in during my Kettlebell Conditioning classes rest periods. No set amount or reps or sets during this time. I just wanted to use the swing to demonstrate proper form for the class, while working out some soreness from Tuesday’s “Cindy” workout, for myself. You will find that […]