Ep.#91: Marcus Martinez is the co-creator & former co-owner of My Mad Methods magazine, trains pro MMA fighters, runs a successful gym in Orange County, travels & teaches globally, runs an online business, all while being present in his growing family

  Marcus Martinez (http://mbodypro.com) is the owner and creator of Mbody Pro, the Mbody Gym in Brea, California, and co-creator and former partner of the popular unconventional training magazine, My Mad Methods. Currently, Marcus continues to

Ep.#75: Multi Kettlebell Sport Champion Lorna Kleidman talks why women should consider double kettlebell training, what kettlebell sport can learn from Crossfit, making kettlebells more appealing to women & more -050114

  Lorna Kleidman (http://lornafit.com)  is a highly decorated kettlebell sport competitor, author, coach, and producer of the KettleX DVD series. In 2007, Lorna became the first America kettlebell Master of Sport International Level. Since that time, Lorna has garnered

Ep.#49: Kent Pumpa, a successful entrepreneur, bootcamp franchise creator, & fitness branding expert based in Australia, talks building a successful fit biz, creating multiple income streams, B.S. online certs, & fitness snobs – 013014

  Kent Pumpa  (http://www.bootcampsaustralia.com/) is a successful entrepreneur, bootcamp franchise creator, coach, business mentor, and fitness branding expert based in Sydney Australia. During episode #49 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Kent joins Mike & Sincere to discuss: How did Kent’s upbringing, participation in sports, and past career help forge his current business Kent shares […]