New Warrior FitCamp Houston WOD: “100/75/50/25”

Here’s a workout you can do just about anywhere and anytime. Give it shot. Set 1: 1. Prisoner Squats x 100 2. Spider-man Pu

New Warrior WOD: Ropes, Primates, & Insect Bodyweight Circuit

Here’s a trio of fat-burning, full body exercises, that not only build strength, but gets your heart racing, as well. Basically, you will perform the following exercises: 1. Skip Rope (aim for 120-140 reps per minute) 2. Chimp Walks (aim for 25-30 rpm) 3. Grasshopper Push Ups (aim for 20-25 rpm) Putting it all together:

New Warrior FitCamp – Houston: Prisoner “Get Ups” For Strong Abs & Legs

No, this isn’t a scene from “Colors” or “South Central.” This is the Prisoner Get Up, New Warrior FitCamp style. I guess you could say, we “take no prisoners” by training like prisoners. The only thing missing was Ice T. rapping in the background. Haha. Find out how you can join our next session. Simply […]